When the Theresienthal Glassworks announces insolvency in April 2001, it means the end of a Bavarian glass-making tradition going back over half a millennium. The message appears to be clear: in a globalised market there is no longer any room for a business that has hardly changed in 500 years.

"Die Unzerbrechlichen" (The Unbreakables) accompanies former workers from the company, who dare a new start for Theresienthal together with partners from the Eberhard von Kuenheim Foundation. Through their own initiative, creativity and a re-positioning in the market, they overcome the meanwhile proverbial German standstill. Since August 2004 glass is being made again in Theresienthal.



The Kristallglasmanufaktur Theresienthal, a producer of fine glassware, had been an integral part of Max Hannes‘s life for 39 years. In April 2001, the glassworks was forced to file for bankruptcy – one of 40,000 company to fold in Germany in that year. For the people of Theresienthal, it meant the end of a centuries-old tradition of glass-making. THE UNBREAKABLES accompanies Max Hannes, Christoph Glaser, Mirjam Storim, and the glass-makers of Theresienthal over a period of three years in their struggle to save one of Germany’s oldest companies. A story of salvation that inspires hope – for only after the glass-makers of Theresienthal had lost everything were they able to make the future happen.

A production of ARTE and Bayrischen Rundfunk (BR)

Year of production 2006
Lenght 96 minutes
Producer Michael Jungfleisch
In co-production with ARTE, BR
Gambit Filmproduktion GmbH
Director Dominik Wessley
Co-Director Marcus Vetter
Director of photography Oascal Schmitt
Grischa Schmitz
Editing Anja Pohl
Distribution Salzberger
Supported by MFG Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg
FFF Film Förder Fond Bayern
FFA Filmförderanstalt des Bundes


2006  Göthe Institut Documentary Award
Duisburg Filmweek
2007 Film+ Film Festival - Best editing


2007  12. Festival des deutschen Films in Paris
2006 Filmfest München