After three years of hyper-recession and the collapse of the banking system, many Argentine companies are on the brink of ruin and have only managed to pay a fraction of the wages owed to their employees. When on 18 December, 2001 social unrest erupted across the country, a group of about 40 seamstresses occupied their factory. The majority of these women workers simply wished to defend their jobs. What then happened was to cause an international sensation. While none of them had any political experience, they sought to build a more just society by making a start on the factory floor. With the support of left-wing workers parties throughout the world, they demanded the expropriation of the owner Jacobo Brukman. This film tells the story of the fight for the small factory Brukman in the context of the global crisis of capitalism – a struggle of conflicting views, a battle for truth and justice.

A production of WDR and SWR

Year of production 2004
Lenght 58 Minuten
A production of WDR, SWR
In Coproduction with Filmperspektive GmbH
Director Marcus Vetter
Director of photography Valentin Soza
Editing Saskia Metten
Sound Christian Eickhoff
Executive Producer Achim Johne
Associated Producer Holger Schüppel


2004  FIPA, Festival International de Programmers Paris