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In view of the tragic developments taking place in Israel/Palestine at the moment, we have decided to release a Palestine/Israel trilogy in cooperation with EIKON and the association Cinema Jenin e.V. These are all three award-winning films that show people – Jews and Palestinians alike – who have tried to break the cycle of hatred and violence.

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Documentary | 89 Minutes | 2008

“Heart of Jenin” portrays Ismael Khatib, a Palestinian from Jenin whose son was killed by Israeli soldiers and who, despite his deep grief, donates his son’s organs to Israeli children.

The Khatib family lives in the West Bank, in a refugee camp called Jenin. A year ago the Palestinian Ismael Khatib lost his 12-year-old son Ahmed. Ahmed was shot by an Israeli soldier while he was playing “Arabs and Jews” with two friends. The soldier took his toy gun for a real weapon and killed him. Despite his grief, Ismael decided within hours to donate his son’s organs to save the lives of four Israeli children.

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Cinema Jenin

Documentary | 1 Hour 36 Minutes | 2011

“Cinema Jenin – The story of a dream” tells the story of a cinema in Jenin that was closed during the first Intifada and then renovated and reopened in 2011 with the participation of Ismael Khatib. The cinema operated as a movie theater for 5 years before it was then demolished in December 2016 and replaced by a shopping mall.

Cinema Jenin follows an ambitious initiative to re-open a previously abandoned cinema in the West Bank city of Jenin. Founded in the 1960s, it was once the largest cinema in Palestine, today it stands as a hollow echo of its society. Cinema Jenin witnessed an intimate, nuanced and textured view into the city and its domestic affairs as well as the journey of a dedicated, loyal, often conflicted group of people who hope that the re-building of the cinema will be a bridge to peace, freedom and Palestinian self-empowerment.

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After the silence

Documentary | 1 Hour 21 Minutes | 2011

“After the silence” portrays Yale Armanet, an Israeli who lost her husband in a suicide bombing by a Palestinian from Jenin, yet set out to visit the suicide bomber’s family in Jenin to get answers about what happened.

Two young German film makers go to Palestine where, together with Manal, a Palestinian student from Jenin, they try to find out what really happened on March 31 2002: Shadi Tobassi, a suicide bomber from Jenin, blew himself up in the Arab-owned Matza Restaurant in Haifa, killing 15 people. Among those killed was Dov Chernobroda, an Israeli architect, who for his entire life had tried to bring about a peaceful settlement between Israel and Palestine. Eight years later his wife Yael would like to visit the family of the suicide bomber in Jenin.

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These three stories are united by the fact that they are all set in Jenin/West Bank, a city that has gained sad notoriety for the fact that 30% of all suicide bombers came from Jenin.
In particular, the film CINEMA JENIN tells how difficult it is to bring peace to the conflict. After the opening of the cinema, many people in Jenin were afraid to visit the cinema because it was seen as a “normalization project” by the Al-Aksa Brigades, the dominant militia in Jenin, and in a small town like Jenin, few people had the courage to be seen as someone who belittles and “normalizes” the occupation.

We think that given the current situation, it is important to tell the background to the conflict that has been simmering for decades, and especially now to bring to the audience three different stories of people who have tried to break the vicious cycle of violence and counter-violence, to give the world and its leaders the courage to do the same.



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Donate to the non-profit association Cinema Jenin e.V. and use the amount to support the production of different language versions.

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What is the way forward when for the first time in the modern nuclear age, every major war is fought under the dark cloud of global escalation?

War and Justice

The biggest war crime of all is the war itself

BRD 2023, Germany/USA

„War and Justice“ is a true-life documentary about Luis Moreno Ocampo, the first chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court and Benjamin Ferencz the youngest prosecuting attorney of the Nuremberg Trials. They both are of the firm opinion that war itself is the biggest war crime of all.

But with tragic events in Israel Palestine that could easily lead to a mayor confrontation in the middle east, and the three largest world powers — China, Russia and the United States — still unwilling to accept the International Criminal Court in The Hague, will genocide, war crimes, and wars of aggression ever be brought to justice?

Sadly, just as the film is about to debut, Ferencz dies at the age of 103. But Ocampo fights on in his honor, more determined than ever to put an end all to wars of aggression, along with the inevitable human atrocities they cause.

Please reserve a ticket to the world-wide release of WAR AND JUSTICE on Saturday February 24 with a live Q&A with Luis Moreno Ocampo (in three time zones)  to discuss the way forward and how to reach peace and justice in a moment of greatest danger in the history of mankind.

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